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About G & L Distributing Inc.
Guys who work a route out of a truck used to be called "wagon-jobbers."                                                                                                             
The company began as a joint venture between me, (Kevin Gribble) and Dean Loof when we purchased the business in 1980.  After my banker advised that we would never make it, G & L Distributing was born. Eventually Dean moved away and I continued the business on my own.

I travel a regular route throughout northeastern South Dakota in about a 100 mile radius, from Watertown and sometimes even further!  It takes about two weeks to typically complete the circuit. I stop at auto body shops, garages, manufacturing businesses, government agencies, and any location that needs a quality product that performs and lasts. 

"I understand what you need because I use the products myself."  I have worked in a local body shop for about 10 years, and continue to build and customize vehicles.  I have salvaged many a hulk from vacant lots and tree claims and turned them into a running vehicle complete with all the custom touches that anyone would want. 

While always appreciating my loyal customers over the years, I continue to add new accounts and friends to my long list of satisfied customers.                                                                                                               
Deeply routed in the auto body and garage business I carry many service products for the auto body and tire shops.   I have also added Harper Brush products to my professional products lines as they are a quality American Made Product.

Contact me for a free evaluation of your needs, and thank you for your business!

                               Kevin Gribble

G & L Distributing Inc. (605)881-1734
We sell a complete line of body shop supplies. Sand paper, fiberglass, fillers, rubbing compounds, buffing pads, and glues. Primers, thinners, clear coats, and activators.

We have a complete line of tire patching and repair products for the shop. Safety seal tire repair system. Tire stems, tire wheel weights and more. Milton tire gauge and accessories.

PX glass cleaner in 1 gallon or 30 gallon containers. 

BRAKEKLEAN in 5 gallon or 55 gallon drums. 

Liquid or powder car wash soap and Wesley white wall cleaner. 

P. O. R. Paint and undercoat. 

Seafoam brand motor and transmission conditioner. 

One of my projects!
42 Years in Business as of March 2021!